Welcome to this celebration of heritage fruit, it is only an enthusiastic
amateur's effort, but kindly meant. Sorry I
have neglected it recently, I
have been busy doing other things some of which actually earn me
money, and I have been concentrating on my
Youtube channel, search
Fruitwise or Stephen Hayes. I also occasionally update the blog at

PS I assert my copyright over all this material, but freely allow use of my published
text, images or video for any honest, not for profit use.
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The story of our orchard
Apple varieties we grow
Grafting (also see youtubes)
Pests and diseases of apple
trees (caution, content may
offend fundamentalist Greens!)
My YouTube channel, videos
on grafting, pruning, apple
varieties etc cider
Books. I review a dozen or
more books I have found useful
and/or enjoyable.
Our 2013 markets
Pictures of my 2006 cycle tour
of the Cherbourg peninsula-the
cider road from Cherbourg to St
Apple and related links
(especially sources of trees)
for views of other people's
orchards and other nice things
The Botley Men's Cook
book-the limited edition
charity cookery book
specially for MEN-now on